Fedor Emelianenko absent from Ministry of Sports hearing on child MMA

Despite his condemnation of Ramzan Kadyrov’s child MMA fights in Chechnya, Fedor Emelianenko was absent from an October 18 hearing at the Ministry of Sports to review the case.

The news was first reported by (h/t

In the aftermath of the Chechen strongman’s decision to host child MMA fights involving his three sons, Fedor Emelianenko spoke out against the illegal activity and was immediately faced with an avalanche of humiliating posts and intimidation from Chechen fighters associated to Kadyrov. A few days later, his 16-year-old daughter was attacked on her way to school in Moscow, which led many to assume that Kadyrov was involved in the attack.

Deputy Minister of Sport of Russia, Pavel Kolobkov, revealed that the three fights that took place in Grozny, Chechnya on October 4 did not meet the minimum age requirement for MMA.

“In this regard, we have prepared a letter: to stop such violations in the Chechen Republic to recommend to the Ministry of Sports of the Republic to coordinate with the Ministry of Sports of Russia and the federations accredited for sports competitions.”



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