Russian nationalist party removes press access to athlete turned politician

Following a disastrous interview that made national headlines, the Liberal Democrat Party of Russia (LDPR) opted to remove press access to athlete-turned-politician Viktor Sysoyev.

The decision to forbid the 21-year-old former football (soccer) player from speaking to reporters stemmed from an interview where the Sysoyev refused to answer questions and eventually told the inquisitive journalist to “think up something yourself.” Russian tabloid LIFE was first to report the news.

“Of course, representatives of the party are working with him. He is a young man. If you go on dealing with the press, one must be prepared, LDPR coordinator Oleg Kapitanov told LIFE.

Sysoyev was recently elected to the St. Petersburg legislative assembly representing LDPR and is expected to represent the interests of football players and fans alike.

The Moscow Times offered a translation to the blundered interview with the Fontanka news agency.

Ksenia Klochkova, How many meetings did you hold with voters during your campaign?

Viktor Sysoyev: I will not answer this question.

Not a single meeting?

I didn’t say that. I’m simply refusing to answer.

Are you well informed about legislative work? About budgetary law? What do you plan to do in the legislative assembly?

Nothing. I’m not prepared to answer these questions.

But you ran for office with some kind of plan and goals?

Probably. I cannot answer. If you want, just think up something yourself.



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